What is KO Sketches All About?

KO Sketches is all about sketching people!  Enigmatic faceless body sketches suitable for framing done in 10 minutes or less.  Portraits are closer to 30 minutes, but I'm getting faster!  Here are a few ideas:

  • Find me on You Tube at KO Sketches to see my portrait work.
  • INVITE me to work at Fairs, Festivals or Events for quick sketching of the attendees!
  • Company / club events offer a great chance to bring home a keepsake to commemorate the event.
  • Maybe it’s a special occasion (birthday, wedding, anniversary) that you’ll want to remember.
  • One-on-one sketches can be arranged as well if you’re a little shy being drawn in public, or if you’re interested in something a little more intimate.
  • Have another idea you want to discuss? Just email me at kosketches@gmail.com
  • Please click each of the images below to peruse the images in each category.

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